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            Address: 13 building, 65 foreign trade building, Jianxin North Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, China.

            Telephone:+86-023-67698236 Fax:+86-023-67698008 E-mail:bgs@cqmmc.com

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            ABOUT CMMC

            Chongqing Minmetal and Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd (hereinafter refers to as CMMC) was established in 1983. It is the backbone of Chongqing international economic and trade, mainly taking up the all kinds of trade, international engineering contracting and international investment. The company has won the honor of Chongqing pioneer of developing and open economy for successive years and the demonstration enterprise of socialist ideological and ethical progress. It has divided into two sub-companies - Chongqing Minmetal Energy Resources Co., Ltd., which engages in international and domestic trade and Chongqing Minmetal Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd., which engages in international engineering contracting.  
            After more than 30 years of severe test of international and domestic market, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience in international and domestic trade, and international engineering contracting, which has contributed a lot to the cause of developing Chongqing internation economy and trade. 
            In the field of international trade, CMMC has been striving to explore the international market and grown up to the trade based headquarters. Moreover, it practically leads the trade to the two ends of industry chain, offering service, resource products and bulk commodity to the entity enterprise. It enjoys the top fifteen export-oriented enterprise and toppest professional trade company for successive years.
            In the field of international engineering contracting, CMMC has strong capability of being international engineering contractor and equipment supplier. It has made great achievements in chemical industry, electricity, building materials and light industry. After implementing over 30 international engineering projects contracting and complete of equipment exporting, it enjoys widely good fame among overseas and domestic clients and forms itself competitive capability. CMMC wins credibility among government institutions and gets a good support from the government. It also builds good cooperation with finacial institutions, insurance institutions, designing institutes and manufacturers and forms good commercial and resource integrity capability. CMMC can provide the owners of overseas engineering project and large-size equipment demanders with the whole procedure service and unified solution, such as finacing service, technology consultation, project design, equipment procurement, engineering construction, staff training and input production. CMMC has led the "Chinese equipment" and "China Standard" to go abroad.
            For over thirty years' cultivation and experience, CMMC builds up an excellent team and makes the developing strategy of “three-in-one”, that is, engineering, trade and investment. It takes full use of investment to provote the international engineering contract and build the international trade base.
            As an internationallized enterprise, CMMC will continue to uphold the idea, that is service oriented, mutual development. Promoting itself creativity and based on Chongqing Municipality, open up to the world, it tries to become the trailbreaker of going abroad and practitioner of overseas strategic expansion. It is on the way to becoming ‘three-in-on’ sustainable developing internationalized enterprise, that is clear main business, scientific management and reasonable yield structure.