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            Address: 13 building, 65 foreign trade building, Jianxin North Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, China.

            Telephone:+86-023-67698236 Fax:+86-023-67698008 E-mail:bgs@cqmmc.com

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            After more than 30 years of severe test of international and domestic market, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience in international and domestic trade. CMMC has grown up to the trade based headquarters and practically leads the trade to the two ends of industry chain, offering service, resource products and bulk commodity to the entity enterprise. It has contributed a lot to the cause of developing Chongqing international economy and trade. Moreover, it enjoys the top fifteen export-oriented enterprises for successive years.




            Bleached kraft softwood pulp is abbreviated as a drifter. It is a chemical pulp made from coniferous wood by kraft cooking and bleaching. It is the most widely used in the pulp, according to the diffe

            Light circulation oil (LCO)

            Light circulation oil is a kind of petrochemical product. Aromatics content is greater than 50%, others are alkanes, olefins and etc. It can be used as raw materials for hydrocracking and polycyclic a

            Mono Ethylene Glycol(MEG)

            Ethylene glycol is an important organic raw material for petroleum and chemical industry, mainly used in the production of polyester fiber, antifreeze, unsaturated polyester resin, lubricants, plastic

            Diethylene glycol (DEG)

            Diethylene glycol (DEG) is an organic compound with the formula (HOCH2CH2)2O. It is miscible in water, alcohol, ether, acetone, and ethylene glycol. DEG is a widely used solvent. It can be a contamina

            Galvanized Steel Strips/Coils

            Application: Wide construction range, Lightgage stell joist, Pipe, Rolling doors, Water Channel, Bridge, Scaffolding and so on.

            HEAVY CRUDE OIL

            Heavy crude oil is highly-viscous oil that cannot easily flow to production wells under normal reservoir conditions. It is referred to as "heavy" because its density or specific gravity is higher than


            Polyethylene or polythene (abbreviated PE; IUPAC name polyethene or poly(ethylene)) is the most common plastic. Its primary use is in packaging (plastic bags, plastic films, geomembranes, containers i

            Mixed aromatics

            Mixed Aromatics is colorless transparent liquid, the narrow fractions reforming aromatic extraction income aromatic mixture. It can be used as petroleum resin, gasoline and solvent of raw material.
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